Contractor Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreement

Downloadable, guided Independent Contractor Agreement template.

Downloadable Independent Contractor Agreement

Businesses frequently hire freelancers and other independent contractors to perform certain functions, and more and more workers are choosing to operate as freelancers, rather than employees. For example, many software developers, copywriters, graphic designers, marketing consultants, and business coaches operate as independent contractors. When a business uses a contractor, and when a contractor does work for a business, it’s very important to have a contract in place to define the terms of the relationship. This contractor agreement outlines the specific work to be done, how much the client will pay, when the client will pay, and various other important terms and conditions. The contractor in this agreement can be an individual freelancer or a company that does work for a variety of clients.

What are some of the key provisions in this template?

  • Identification of the parties – which party is the client, and which party is the contractor
  • Description of the services the contractor will be providing – this section will need to be completed by the parties to the agreement, based on what they are doing
  • The fees the client will be paying to the contractor, and the payment schedule
  • Defining the status of the contractor as an independent contractor, responsible for paying their own taxes
  • Restrictions on the use of confidential information, if the contractor will have access to the client’s confidential information
  • Provisions regarding ownership of the work product generated by the contractor – generally the client will have ownership of this work product
  • Any insurance requirements that may apply to the contractor
  • What state law will govern the agreement, and where litigation must take place
  • How to terminate the agreement
  • How to send notices from one party to the other party

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